Montag, 17. April 2017

 The twitter of Donald Trump like the "Ems telegram"?

" Donald J. Trump: Our military is building and is rapidly becoming stronger than ever before. Frankly, we have no choice! 3:41 PM - APRIL 16, 2017 "

This brief text "Twitter" has all the characteristics to become a historical document, such as the famous "Ems telegram",
 ( 03/06 / how-invent-a-war-bismarck-and-a-dispatch-of-ems /).

One pronoun should however be corrected: no "we" but "I" ,that is not "us" as the US but "I " as president. If the author of Twitter had had more space available or was provided with a modicum of honesty, the sentence should have been completed so:  ... "if I want to stay in power as puppet of militarism and not to end up like J. Kennedy".
The grip of the military-industrial complex, to resume the warning launched by President Eisenhower at the end of his term in 1961, was finally and inexorably tightened, canceling the already small space left to the decisions of its puppets, the  US presidents, formally placed to power through democratic elections (which are in fact decided by electoral funding) and under the strict condition of obeying the diktat of militarism Yankees.
The results of the coming conflict and its extension are not entirely predictable but we haveat least one  more certainty. The Romans used to say "mors certa, ora incerta" ("death certain, but at uncertain time": just replace the "death" the term "war" and the phrase takes on all its agonizing topicality.
As we write  F35 fighter-bombers are coming to Europe: they were designed to destroy the anti-aircraft defenses ; their use would be to cancel the Russian antimissile systems in order to launch the preemptive strike aimed to undo all their defense capability. 
We doubt that facing this threat, the Russian military will be watching inactive. If anyone still deluded himself or pretended that NATO was designed to defend Europe from a phantom Russian attack, must now admit that the real reason was the one known all along: a military occupation force to keep Europe in the role of a colony of  idiots resigned to serve as "cannon fodder" in the war of annihilation designed for decades by the US imperialist militarism.
Just as a century ago, the tragedy was being prepared under the eyes of all, unfortunately, those who still could avert it preferred to turn away and pretend not to see.

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