Donnerstag, 17. Juli 2014

  When a country puts its destiny in the wrong hands: e.g. USA 

In this century the USA had first a bad and then a worse president. And the tragic is, that the worse one was still the best choice (imagine what would have done a Mc Cain in Syria and Ukraine! We probably would have a new Vietnam at the border of Europe (well this guy had not learned the lesson there although he had enough time as p.o.w. after bombarding civilians in Hanoi). 
Mr. Obama is serving his last half period and if we only knew that the follower would not be worse, we would wish this time to elapses as quickly as possible. He managed in an incredible short time to destroy all hope of peace and disruption of weapons and to bring the world back to the re-edition of the Cold War, possibly even warming it a little bit, let’s hope he will not succeed in this last crazy aim. 
Of course we know that Obama’s  politics is lead by the interests of those who sponsored his re-election, i.e., the mighty industrial-military lobby, who command him as a puppet.
The disaster in Afghanistan and Irak cannot be imputed to him, but he has also learned nothing from this lesson, otherwise he would not have sponsored the insurgents in Syria, who turned out to be the same guys and terrorists the USA were fighting against in the other areas!    
 The clearest evidence of the complete loss of judgment is Ukraine: nobody needs to be a skilled politician to know what any average intelligent guy knows: that Russia could impossibly accept to have NATO also at the south border and loose the control of the Black See and of its naval basis in Crimea. And that only somebody completely crazy could buy the narrative of USA helping Ukraine by putting the already split citizen of this poor country before the choice either FOR or AGAINST cooperation with Russia. 
We know (from their own admission) that in order to achieve the change of government in Kiev, the USA has invested huge sums of money and was by no means embarrassed to go hand in hand with nazi-nostalgic (fans of Hitler’s collaborator Stepan Bandera) and fascist nationalists. 
The last step down to this crazy politics are now the sanctions against Russia, with no other justification as the nasty angriness of not having been able to avoid the return of Crimea to Russia, indeed to have made it necessary and desirable to the population there by siding with the fascists in Kiev: no need to be historian to know that what everybody in Crimea fear most are exactly the fascist ally of the USA in Kiev. This is the unavoidable result when politic decision are made compensating lack of diplomacy with lack of historical knowledge, i.e., adding incompetence to ignorance. 
That the Russian Federation was indeed planning to create an economic block with the other BRICS was well known, but a way of cooperation could have been possible if the USA government would have tried to keep fair relationships. Clearly this would be indeed the interest of the American people but, as we see, by no means the attitude and still less the interest of those who have the real  power in that country and exploit it for their interests. No wonder that they do not even conceal this point: the vice-president of the USA, Joe Biden, while pushing the Ukrainian oligarch now president Por.oshenko to send the army against his own citizens killing civilians and destroying their houses, is supporting the interest of his own son, chairman of the fracking company which will then destroy the environment of the poor country by extracting gas with this method which is highly contrasted already in the USA because poisons the soil and the water. 
So Obama’s blunder has forced Russia and the other BRICS to quickly overcome their differences and join together creating a mighty economical bloc in competition with the USA. 
And since no blunder comes alone, the useless spying of an ally country like Germany has finally delivered to the government of the strongest economy in the EU the needed argument to refuse the TTIP, then it is difficult to imagine that all governments of Europe can be bribed to sign an agreement when they know that all what the USA think over the EU is enclosed in three words “F..k you EU”.

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