Mittwoch, 30. Juli 2014

EU following blindly the USA hawks like lemmings after the flute player ? Who should feel mostly ashamed to support the war in Ukraine. 

Report from S. Petersburg:
The first question am asked as German is: why are the EU countries going back to fascism? Why they support economically a regime who is bombing and killing his own citizens as in the Ukraine? Why have they pushed the country toward civil war and paying for this massacre? Were not better for EU to use this money to support poor countries as Greece or Portugal or Spain or Italy , instead of wasting money in weapons and be responsible for crimes made on their name ? Instead of doing something to help the unemployed youth in all Europe why promoting a war in Ukraine ?
Splitting Ukraine and surrounding Russia with NATO weapons aimed to support a pre-emptive nuclerear strike against Russia (by vanishing its means of defense) is all the gratitude for Russia having allowed the German reunifications without spilling one single drop of blood ?
The downing of the Malaysian airliner is tragedy caused by the aggression of the east part of the country by the new President Porkoshenko: this is an undeniable fact, then he was offered diplomatic ways of settling the conflict but he preferred to obey to his USA bosses. No matter whether it was the Ukrainian army or the separatist, this airliner was not a target for both. And the least for Russia. But this as a very welcome news for the hawks in the USA, who ordered Obama to increase the sanctions against the Russian economy, hitting therefore the Russian population. this coward and double standard President will be remembered as the worse one for centuries. All the arguments of USA to justify sanctions have the identical degree of truth and reliability as the "weapons of mass killing" attributed to Saddam, were never found (the USA had the proof that there were none of them, otherwise no USA general had risked the life of his soldiers sending them into the invasion of the country. The silly behavior of EU politicians who are blindly following the USA remembers me of the lemmings following the flute player into their ruins.
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