Sonntag, 12. Juli 2015

Modest Proposal: Greece 17th "Bundesland" ... or out of the euro. 

Reflections after the article "Les conditions of a " Grexit "by Jacques Sapir · (11 July 2015).

Sapir’s reasoning is clear  and his proposals for an honorable exit of Greece from 'euro are scientifically founded and not difficult to implement.
But as all the sensible talk, they fall into nothingness if addressed to the deaf.
Now even children understand that Tsipras and Varoufakis not only did not have a plan "B", but did not even have the "A", in fact they have never even placed the problem of having a plan by which to proceed: they deceived the Greek people as well as themselves.
They wanted only to continue to make  Greece play the part of the beggar selling empty words and empty promises. Some will object that they simply followed the will of the people, which was to remain in the euro, but this senseless popular opinion exists only as a result of falsehoods released first by the old parties and then by Trsipras & C.
The Greeks who ask to remain in the 'European Union and the euro area have however a good reason: they trust most the German politicians than their owns.
In this respect they are quite right: Tsipras is the living proof of the total political void and complete inability to govern and to take even the minimum emergency measures, left alone forward-looking decisions (he allowed capitals flee out of the country until he had to close the banks ).
A sad but pragmatic decision would be to give in entirely sovereignty to Germany becoming the seventeenth of the Länder. At first Germany would submit Greece to treatment to the one  reserved to East Germany after the unification: annihilation of competitive industries and acquisition at bargain prices of the few profitable activities and creation of a permanent wage depressed as bogeyman for the regions in full employment. Subsequently, however, it would be forced to support the Greek economy with massive transference, the same as always happens between the Bundesländer (three pay and thirteen receive !).
 Every year the three Bundesländer paying for all the others (Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria and Hesse) grumble and resort to the Federal Court to contest and negotiate the transfer of tax revenues to other federal states (of which some as a perpetual debt are worse than Greece) but at the end they pay.
To the tragic point where it is now precipitated by its inept politicians and so-called "leftists",
 for Greece to yield directly the economic and political sovereignty to Germany becoming the seventeenth Bundesland would be a more clean and transparent operation that suffer the same and worst underhand, as it is doing now Tsipras selling off his country. The result this impostor will get will be that Greece obtains all the disadvantages of a perpetual subjection without a single advantage.
Obviously there would be an alternative instead of selling out to Germany, Greece could sell his sovereignty to China or better to all BRICS (without specifically naming Russia, then otherwise the USA would immediately organize a coup d'etat in the Maidan way and place in  Athens their puppets).
With Chinese hand, Greece should not even give in entirely political sovereignty apparent: once ceded power in economic, the parliamentary theatre could continue to put on a show for the sake of appearances, but in the hands of China's economy would grow in a short time and could even keep the euro, the Chinese would not disturb as long as the debt fell under their control.
Some might argue that these proposals are obscene: Indeed they are, but - mutatis mutandis - that is exactly what is happening under the eyes of everybody to all the PIIGS countries: with one single difference, the vassalage to Germany takes place through a third actor, namely the European Union, which in this prostitution disguised as a marriage has zealously the despicable function of the pimp.

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