Montag, 5. Juni 2017

Defenders of the EU  status quo “more Catholic than the Pope” ?

From this Soros’ long speech:
we should retain at least following very enlightening points, showing us the real concerns of a ruthless defender of root capitalism, who wish to preserve the EU as institution at the service of financial interests like his owns, and is concerned about the stupidity of the political rulers and their foolish and short eyed economic austerity policy (I assume he is thinking in the first place to the narrow minded economic conception of German finance minister Schäuble).
While  “Pulse of Europe” activists (now we know who is sponsoring them !) are indeed gullible pawns of a game that they do not understand and keep defending untenable status quo of a collapsing European Union, the ones who move those puppets know exactly what would be necessary to try to save this failed Union.    
 So let’s look rather to what the "Pope" says. 
Soros dixit:  
<<Today’s European Union needs both salvation and radical reinvention. Saving the EU must take precedence, because Europe is in existential danger.>>
<<The EU was meant to be a voluntary association of like-minded states that were willing to surrender part of their sovereignty for the common good. After the 2008 financial crisis, the eurozone was transformed into an arrangement whereby creditor countries dictated terms to debtor countries that couldn’t meet their obligations. By dictating austerity, the creditors made it practically impossible for the debtors to grow their way out of their liabilities. If the EU carries on with business as usual, there is little hope for improvement. That is why the Union needs to be radically reinvented.>> 

<<I am also encouraged by the spontaneous, grassroots initiatives – most supported mainly by young people – that we see nowadays. I have in mind the “Pulse of Europe” movement…>>

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