Montag, 2. Januar 2017

 Obama's latest bullsh… 

This miserable and tired puppet seems to be wishing to leave the worst memory of the years in which he belittled the role of President of his country. His bankruptcy budget deserves a separate analysis given the scale and severity of the disasters that he has done.
I mention here only the most recent act, which shows all the human misery of this outgoing president. The democratic party had a candidate who would be worthy of representing the nation with dignity: Bernie Sanders would have repaired some of the damage of his predecessor, which expired in finance and puppet of the military industry.
But since the Democratic Party is dominated by the clan of Clinton and backed from the wing more retrograde of warmongers, his application had been sabotaged in order - fortunately failed - to place new (or rather old) puppet Hillary, who voters had already refused once.
So that's how it has come to the rise of billionaire Trump Presidency, which of course will do his real estate interests (infrastructure, buildings, etc.) by automatically, by pursuing his interests, will have to boost the entire economy, not just the military sector. There is surely no ground to be happy with this new President, who will step on neo-liberal policies, but in times like these a bit of neo-Keynesian policies is already a gift from heaven.
The Clinton clique is evidently seeking revenge, having been left “with dry mouth” (well represented during the whole election campaign with the coarse laughter, and open jaws of their candidate: risum abundat in ore ...).
And what does Obama? As usual it bends to the clan cravings and grabs the last miserable weapon at its disposal, the "Russophobia", and apply sanctions to Russian diplomats.
"Ambassadors do not carry penalty " was and remains a sacrosanct principle, but not even this is true for the Clinton's clan puppet Obama. One can argue whether or not it was the worst president, but it is beyond doubt that he is by far the one who less than anyone else deserved the Nobel Peace Prize. About the manner and time when he was given this award many doubts are legitimate: maybe we will never know what was behind this insane decision, but it's hard to believe that the Commission of the Nobel prize has not been affected by any "unorthodox pressure"  (if money played a role could be understandable, otherwise if the Commissars acted with conviction, they deserve the Nobel prize ... for gullibility and naivety).
The most grotesque aspect of Obama's farce about the alleged Russian Internet espionage (by the way: who's talking! Remember NSA, Snowden docet!) is however the ludicrous motivation: allegedly a Russian-made virus (which anyone can buy) was found on a computer in some US office. Although no evidence could be provided that it had been used, with utmost insane “logic” our poor puppet filled the equation "Russian Virus" = "Russian Hacker".
With the same lack of logic it could be said that a Beretta gun near a corpse proves that the murder is an Italian or an old Stern machine gun proves it was a German murder or a Kalasnikov proves it was a Russian one.
Obama’s term expires in less than three weeks: will he succeed to beat his predecessor Bush Jr. in terms of lies ?    

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